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About Us

Providing high end services for affordable prices

  We are your local technology experts.  We have over 20 years of applied experience with systems installation. Through those years of technical experience and real world use, we have curated products that perform, and last!  Combine that with the most comprehensive warranties in the market and now you know you are making a sound investment. 

   In Home Tech is authorized by all the brands we sell.  What that means is that if there are issues, warranty work, or support issues, we can directly deal with the product.  Equipment died that we provided?  We come deal with it, not you, the client.  Saves time and hassle. 

     We also pride ourselves in customer service.  Call us and you get a HUMAN, not some long recording that has you push buttons and talk to the wrong person.  Call today and try it out!  

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Our Story

This company started as a side hustle while working with Time Warner Cable, after experiencing the frustrations with large corporations it was decided to dedicate full time to doing things not only smaller but better.  Giving clients the best value is what we believe in.  Expertise, and a personal touch is how we make it happen.  We pride ourselves in doing the job right, and making sure our clients are investing their money into systems and products wisely. We strive to help our community by not only hiring locally but also donating our time and money into local organizations.  As we grow, so does our ability to give back.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us!

Meet The Team

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