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Builders Packages

Rough in for Low voltage systems by experts.  Design service for wiring locations included.



2 RG-6 QS, 2 Cat 6 (solid copper) in up to 5 rooms, 2 RG-6 and 2 Cat 6 ran from panel to demarcation at power meter.

Basic Security:

Wiring with contact sensors at all points of ingress/egress.  One Motion sensor wire in corner of room.  One siren wire at doorbell chime location.

Distributed Audio:

Two speaker wires with rough in brackets in 4 rooms.  Two wires ran to exterior area.


4 Cat 5e solid copper lines ran to exterior locations for future cameras.

Home Theater:

seven speaker placements wired in room dedicated for theater.  2 cat cables ran from projector mount point to location of AVR.  Smurf Tube ran from Projector mount point to AVR.

Rough in wiring for whole home.jpg
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