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Camera Systems for your Home or business

     Camera systems from affordable, to top of the line.  Get the peace of mind you deserve.  We are your source for designing, providing and installing the most advanced camera system for your budget.  With our experience, training, and vendor connections we are able to offer you a curated selection of the technology that will fit your need for a price you can afford.  All systems sold have a factory warranty and any system installed comes with a warranty on wiring from us.  Buy once, Buy Local!


Own your own camera system, records locally so no relying on cloud services unless you CHOOSE to!

Standard Features (all systems)

  • Remote access

  • Night Vision

  • High Definition

  • IP rating (for indoor or outdoor use)

Other features available

  • IK Rating for Vandal Resistance

  • AI Deep Learning

  • Facial Recognition

  • Heat mapping

  • Thermal Vision

  • Full color Night Vision

  • People Counting

  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration

  • loudspeaker integration

  • Alarm system integration

  • Smart Home integration

Axis 12MP 360 IP camera

Pole mounted complete stations available.  Only power needed!

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