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IT Solutions

Computer Services

Computer Services

  • PC Repairs (Any)

  • PC Upgrades (Ram, Hard drive, *Processor, power supply)

  • PC virus cleaning

  • PC Physical cleaning (acutally taking the pc apart and cleaning the dust)

  • PC Purchasing

  • PC consultation and design (we will build or match you with the perfect machine)

  • PC Winows or Linux installation

  • Software installation

  • Remote Support

  • Cloud computing solutions

  • Network Design

Home Support

Available Subscription options:


  • Computer support

  • Remote support

  • Network installation

  • Network support

  • Network optimization

  • Wireless network optimization and meshing for homes

  • Free monthly service call to the home and unlimited remote support with monthly subscription service.

Custom Solutions

We are an authorized resellers of various computer and  wireless equipment.  We can source out anything from short range wireless mesh networks to long range wireless bridges.  We can build computers to fit your need, whether for the classic "gaming rig," to a rack mounted server.


2825 Arlington Ave.

Fayetteville, N.C.  28303


T: 910-322-5958

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